Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Malaysia Students Associaton Sydney AD&D

AD&D 2006 was held at Hilton Hotel, Sydney. It was so grand!! Well, it's in Hilton, what do you think? It was superb and all of us had a good time there. Just cant wait for next year AD&D. Erm, I wonder where they gonna have it. Is there any place grander than Hilton?

The 2005/2006 Committee;
from left back- Devan (Treasurer), Seng Chee (Social Director), Sunny (President), Ve Leong (Vice-President), Foong (Sport Director), Daniel (Social Director).

from left front- Tet Chon (Sport Director), Harvin (Cultural Director), Azan (IT Director), Rossalyn (Secrectary) and Jul Li (Publisher).

The new committe for 2006/2007;

from left- Seng Chee (Vice President), Tet Chon (President), Norzie (Cultural Director), Khairil (Publisher), Sakinah (Secretary), Bevan (Social Director) and Jonathan (Sport Director).

"The Moment"
-Sunny handling his power to Tet Chon

The ladies of the night;

Jul Li- simple yet elegant
Rossalyn- I just lurvee the dress!!
Norzie- pertama kali pakai heels.. ;o)
Sakinah- lain daripada yang lain
Harvin- traditional dress never dies

The league of gentlemen;

Khairil, Rickmond, Bevan, Sunny, Tet Chon, Azan, Devan, Seng Chee, Foong, Daniel and Jonathan.

Mr Wei... the oldies ;)

<<<---------that's soooooo GAY!!! ahaksss

Our lady making her decision..which one to pick?

Cousinly lurve...Seng Chee and Rickmond

"bintang-bintang berkelipan.."
Norzie, Khairil and Sakinah

"Pimp my ride"

At Hilton Hotel- a memory that will last forever

Welcome to everyone!!

Welcome to MqMSA blog. This blog is created as a communication tool between the committee members as well as to all MqMSA members. As we don't have our IT Director yet, this blog is an option as none of our committee members know how to operate the www.mqmsa.org.
For the moment, I will post reports from the events that we had throughout the year of 2006, and of course, lotsa pics from those events. So, nantikan kemunculan muka anda di blog ini!!
Khairil Razali
Publisher MqMSA